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    Just a post

    After a brief sitting of the Zazenkai:

    What I know, is not what you know.
    What we know, is not what they know.
    When time is still, trees grow.
    What is there to express?
    Eventually it all goes anyway.
    But what about now?
    Do you need to realize this?
    Anyone can.

    There's something in the water, and trees.
    Give up.
    That's fine.

    Gassho _/_

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    Re: Just a post

    An addition:
    (original title: When thoughts stop, but body lingers)

    I have no clue what this practice is (That's a good thing).

    Let me explain a little experience I had:

    You see, this body and mind are so intricate and vast, that to even know the slightest bit means nothing. There's really nothing to say. Thoughts are dropped, but where does body go? Can you smell? touch? Are you really paying attention, or just imbalanced? Is there tension? Are you cold? Are you feeling something beyond recognition?

    Who knows? Who really knows? It's just that simple. No one. When we know, then we don't know.


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