Hi Guys,

For the next book for our TREELEAF BOOK CLUB, following Suzuki Roshi,'s BRANCHING STREAMS, I would like to try an experiment. Plus, the next book is available for reading free online (thanks to Soto Zen Japan), so there is nothing to lose ...

I would like to try Master Dogen's Shobogenzo-Zuimonki, which is rather different from many other Dogen writings in being easy to read, plain and down to earth (the "Shobogenzo-Zuimonki" is very different from the "Shobogenzo")! In fact, it is filled with bits of wisdom, little fortune cookies, short talks on all kinds of subjects. Here is an example of one of the talks, and we will read a few each week ...

http://global.sotozen-net.or.jp/common_ ... 04-09.html

The "experiment" I would like to try is to see if we can apply these short talks, meant mostly for Japanese monks in the 13th century, to our lives in the 21st century, out in the world. As I said, nothing to lose (or, as Dogen might say, "no loss no gain!" )

What do you say?

Gassho, Jundo

PS -
Oh, and if you are interested in Dogen, Japanese Comics or both ... check out the often silly "Life of Dogen" comic book, also free on line from the site (Japanese Soto Headquarters).

http://global.sotozen-net.or.jp/comics/ ... tle=dougen

It is based on one of the more imaginative popular tellings of Dogen's "legend" from a few centuries' ago, which has him doing a few "loaves and fishes" miracles here and there. Like, here, summoning Kannon to save his sinking ship through the power of Zazen ...

http://global.sotozen-net.or.jp/comics/ ... n#contents

Hey, what's religion without a few good legends? :wink: