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    Julia, chris, ryan and all other newbies,

    I really recommend you guys to watch Jundo's videos for newbies! They r great and funny
    I've enjoyed them a lot and I learned too!
    Let me say it by the words of Thich Nhat Hanh: "dharma talks are like rain" .. they do sink in.. drop by drop. thus: worthwhile!

    gassho, larisa

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    Re: newbies

    Thank you Larisa for such a brilliant suggestion and really we all should do so! We are all beginners!

    Gassho, Shohei

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    Re: newbies

    Thank you, Larisa! I have been looking at them one by one as I can -- I just saw the fourth one, with the blender. It was very entertaining while getting the point across perfectly. I like your Thich Nhat Hanh quote...I will keep sitting in the rain


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    Re: newbies


    As a newbie i greatly enjoy them every time, all the time...


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