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Thread: Can You Put A Price On Peace?

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    Can You Put A Price On Peace?

    "Peace sells, but who's buyin'?" Apparently not South Africa. Dalai Lama banned from peace talks.
    Here's the story. Any comments?


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    Re: Can You Put A Price On Peace?

    This part of the article hit me like a kick in the nuts:

    "Friday's peace conference was organized by South African soccer officials..."


    Also, as usual, somebody's politics is getting in the way of good sense and decency. Can't go pissing off the trading partners.

    Disgusted in Indiana :x

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    Re: Can You Put A Price On Peace?

    Sad thing is, I can't honestly say I'm pissed about it, it's just business as usual. Everyone dances nimbly around certain players, China being most notable. At some point, this whole deal between China and the Dalai Lama is going to come to a head, and then we'll see who really stands for peace.

    That is, if the Dalai Lama is still alive at that point.

    There's got to be a better way to do foreign relations than this immature playground tactic. "I'm big. Don't make me angry."

    Sometimes the biggest are the ones who have the most growing up to do.


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    Re: Can You Put A Price On Peace?

    Doesn`t sound much like a peace conference to me, more like a business conference. The vast expanding economy of China presents big opportunities for trade. Pehaps the conference should be re-named Piece conference - they all want a piece!

    Incidentally I went to a showing of the film, Fire Under The Snow which tells the life of a Tibetan monk, Palden Gyatso who was a prisoner of the Chinese for 33 years enduring horrendous torture & starvation. After the film Palden Gyatso was present for a Q & A session. I recommend seeing the film if you have the opportunity.


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