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Thread: blown motor - but the gasket stayed intact

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    blown motor - but the gasket stayed intact

    Blown motor in the middle of 2 roads, in the early mornings biting cold, with one intermittent cell phone reception bar,with your 3yr old daughter whom has been waiting patiently to arrive at music class, is great practice.
    that is all :!:

    Gassho, Shohei, with no blown gaskets

    *Edit - DOH Jundo could you please move this post as its really should be in the other forum :X. My bad, very sorry :S

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    Re: blown motor - but the gasket stayed intact

    No, it should be here.

    It sounds like you made it home in the middle of no where!

    I hope the car gets fixed.

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    Re: blown motor - but the gasket stayed intact

    Hi Shohei,

    My first question was to ask if you had gotten home ok, but as Jundo pointed out that is probably likely.

    Another great place for practice (other than everywhere)? Taking your 3 year old son to Sesame Street Live, as I did today.


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    Re: blown motor - but the gasket stayed intact

    Okay Sesame street show would be nuts!! and yeah a really good place to practice GL!!

    Yes we made it home okay. but it took some finagling to get a hold of help and it came in just in time to get our little one off to music class. The road the car took dive on is where my local mechanic lives, only on the opposite end so my Dad to the resuce we roped the car and drug it to his place. I find out tomorrow just what happened. I like the guys positive veiw...

    " maybe the starter was just stuck engaged and it kicked up the check engine light and then when your made the turn the car stalled due to the starter dragging and now it wont start cus the starters burned up. You know just a bunch of random events that look like engine failure."

    ... indeed! Here's hoping

    fwiw im saying oil pump went and engine seized. I so hope im dead wrong!!

    Gassho, Shohei

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    Re: blown motor - but the gasket stayed intact

    Can you afford a new car if you need one?


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    Re: blown motor - but the gasket stayed intact

    Hi Chet

    I just finished reading your post onNo Problems and was going to post about it over there when i finished reading but you asked the question here so ...

    So Nope.

    I agree its not a problem, its just life
    Cars are not a necessity but it saves me from getting up at 4 am to bike to work for 7am. Not a bad thing to do but in the -30C/ 2 feet of snow days ... i would die.
    So due to where I live and having small children we really will need to replace or fix that beast . I think i can manage to dig up enough resources to get it fixed or find another motor from the junk yard. See not a problem Just life

    We are okay $$ it just means tightening. And luckily we wont really "need" the second vehicle for a few months until my wife returns to work then it is a need.
    Afford is interesting. Debt wise... as many are, we are easily up to our noses. Mortgage, car payment, student loans and credit cards/lines of credit if you have any credit left Work is never EVER secure... despite what we are told. It doesn't bother me and really never did. It took a while and some fancy foot work, but I finally squashed all my student loans(12 years btw). It felt great. So great that we got a "new to us" 1 year old Toyota and back in the hole :P

    Cars fail, borrowed money cost money and has to be paid back one way or another, loved ones are out of reach (either by miles, feelings or by death) and im pretty much happy that i can draw a breath. when that stops... well its all part of life. Now I am definitely affected by all of these things but I handle it much different than 10 years ago or even 10 days ago.

    Gassho Shohei

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    Re: blown motor - but the gasket stayed intact

    Student loans and broken down cars used to keep me up at night, but lately it's been a little better. Two great examples of things I can only do a little something about (pay them gradually and keep the car running smoothly) but I worry about the parts that I have absolutely no control over. It still hits me occasionally, but not like it used to.

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