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Thread: Liking Disliking etc

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    Liking Disliking etc

    When we sit Zazen for while, we might get a look at how we act. We might see that our likes, dislikes and cravings just seem to drop away, when we open more and when things balance out more. What we might discover is that liking and disliking are really petty. For example let's use the word "hate". I "hate" the color of that dress. But there's really nothing to hate. It's just a color. When we can just accept things as they are, then it seems a lot of what we thought was making our lives miserable, really doesn't exist. It's just a made up story.

    We can do that with people to. "Look at them. Oh my god. They're so ugly."
    The thing is. We sometimes mistake words, like and dislike, for something that has meaning. Like words and thoughts can really hurt us. But ... They're just movement. What's ego? That's what gets hurt. When things are all bent out of shape, we take those words so seriously.

    "How dare you say that to me. Do you know who I am?
    "No. Who?"
    "Well...Well..I' and so. This and that."

    This "I'm so and so." seems to be what causes most of the trouble in the world. Everyone's got something to prove. To show the world their accomplishments, what they can do. But really what they're doing is stepping on the world with a heel so they can stand center stage on top of everyone else.

    Or, they might be doing it out of self depreciation, and following orders.

    Getting really angry over things like leaving the top off the toothpaste. Well, you have two hands. Put it on yourself. In our practice we pick up the slack, until others learn to do that as well. We are here to serve. We try not to complain, do what needs to be done, and get on with it.

    On our good days.



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    Re: Liking Disliking etc

    Thank you.


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    Re: Liking Disliking etc

    Yes indeed thank you Will.

    Gassho, Shohei

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    Re: Liking Disliking etc

    Thank you Will.

    i liked the end the most

    On our good days.

    Gassho, Daniel.

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    Re: Liking Disliking etc

    Another beautiful posting, Will. Thank you.

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    Re: Liking Disliking etc

    Thanks, Will.

    Somehow this seems to fit:


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    Re: Liking Disliking etc

    Hey Rowan,

    It's not about struggle, it's just being what you are. It's not about putting people down for acting out on craving, greed, anger, etc., but it is about practice. Sometimes we are are balanced and able to get things done. We move along moment after moment. It's really not something we can think about or judge. It's just a natural part of practice. We grow up a bit from our usual self-centeredness, and accept things more easily.

    A lot of practice is unseen. It just happens.



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