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    wabi sabi


    Just to let you know there's an interesting doc on BBC iplayer for those of you who can get it ... el_Theroux

    From about 58 minutes onwards he's in a soto zen temple in Japan for a day, never quite caught the name of it, sorry. Some nice footage of the tea ceremony being practised too.

    In gassho, Kev

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    Re: wabi sabi

    Thanks for posting Kev. I'll have a look at it now


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    Re: wabi sabi

    Thanks Kev, looks interesting (not available for download yet).

    British novelist Marcel Theroux is fascinated by Wabi Sabi, a theory of Japanese aesthetics in which imperfection and transience are the touchstone of beauty.

    The Japanese say that if you can understand Wabi Sabi, you will understand Japan and the Japanese. Yet at the same time they have immense difficulty in explaining the concept themselves, so Marcel travels across Japan, from Tokyo to Kyoto and then on to the mountains of Fukui, trying to unravel the meaning of this baffling concept that is at the heart of what makes the Japanese tick.

    It is a challenging, funny and ultimately moving journey that starts under the bright neon lights and craziness of Tokyo and ends in an austere Zen Temple in the snowy foothills of Japan's eastern mountains.

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    Re: wabi sabi

    Quote Originally Posted by lipor
    Thanks for the link!
    I thought it was a great film too
    It took a little while to warm up to it though. When he first got to Japan he really was a stereotypical gaijin. Which almost made me quit watching after the 1st part. But I stuck with it. I'm glad I did because I felt that over time he really did begin to grow and open up to the culture and philosophy!
    Loved all the Zen and Tea scenes!!!
    Really enjoyed this which was spoken by the Zen priest:
    In both Tea and Zen the goals are the same. You reach an appreciation of what is really important in life. You do this by eliminating everything which isn't essential.

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