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Thread: And the thus come one

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    And the thus come one

    And so the Buddha adorn the Arhants and listeners in the crowd with the jewels of the Dharma. Great Avalokitesvara swooped down from the clouds and recited the verse of vast awakening in the midst of the thousand directions. No mind was left unturned. Light shone out through all corners of space and time.

    Yep. But really. We still gotta do it you know? Nothing much going on. This here. That there. Have some Kool Aid or tea. Whatever. Know what I'm sayin? If you live on a farm, you better stock the barn. Cow's and horses gotta be fed.

    No disrespect.


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    Re: And the thus come one

    What flavor Kool-Aid?

    (Please, no Jonestown jokes)

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    Re: And the thus come one

    Maybe grape. That's pretty good.


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    Re: And the thus come one

    Grape stains the teeth and greens the poo. Orange is in, but requires more sugar.

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