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Thread: Headlights!!!!

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    Everyone's probably heard the thoughts floating like clouds analogy. I would say it's more like a slight mist.

    However, this morning before sitting Zazen I would compare it to some thing like a Mack truck hitting me dead on, flinging me to the ground and thus continuing to crunch my skull under it's wheels, dirtying it's mudflaps, and driving away merrily leaving me there on the road to ponder big questions like "Why am I lying on the road with half of me over there, and.... I don't even know where my shoes are!"


    But it's ok now. Don't worry. I'm alright.


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    Re: Headlights!!!!

    Did you get the license plate number?

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    Re: Headlights!!!!

    we must start a campaign to remove Mack trucks from meditation areas!
    these atrocities must stop once and for all!!!

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    Re: Headlights!!!!

    Here's the kicker...

    Buddha was driving!

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    Re: Headlights!!!!

    was he under the influence of shikantaza?

    Gassho, Dojin (who is working on that campaign...).

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    Re: Headlights!!!!

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    Re: Headlights!!!!

    Maybe a little too peaceful at the wheel...should have stopped at the rest area. :arrow:
    10-4, good Buddha!

    It couldn't be road rage, could it? :evil:

    It's a gas-gas-gassho,

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    Re: Headlights!!!!

    LOL wadda bunch of bozo's on this bus!!
    Will you sure you weren't hit by a bus?


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    Re: Headlights!!!!

    I don't know. I... I...can't seem to remember.

    Who's Will again?


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