I guess like any runner, I have hit that mythical wall. I have had a bit of a hiccup in practice.
This past week has been crazy. I have been busy with work, school and college plans. I remember how it started. I broke a rule and skipped sitting one night. I said that I would make it up the next night, but that never happened. Besides I did not think one day would matter. Well one day turned into two, three, four, and then a week and a half flew by. I felt as if something was missing. I would try to fit in an insta-zazen here and there but I did not think that was a proper substitute. I thought it was my imagination and it very well may be, but I think it is from not sitting.

I just was wondering if anyone else has ever had a hiccup in practice. If anyone else ‘pushed off’ sitting and if anyone else felt odd when they did.

In any case I am sitting again starting today, and I hope to continue daily.