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Thread: Sitting while on drugs

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    Sitting while on drugs

    Not that kind of drugs! What minds you have... :-)

    No, I purposely used a provocative subject line...

    Anyway, I'm on drugs: for about two months, I've been taking medication for chronic pain, which, to my great surprise, has pretty much eliminated the pain I have. (I suffer from neuropathic pain of the back, along with muscle spasms in the back and chest, due to a back problem and a brain problem. I would have pain every day; while not all the time, much of my day was spent in pain, ranging from annoying to almost tear-inspiring.) This med makes me a bit high, especially between about one and two hours after I take it. Naturally, I don't sit at those "peak" periods, but it's a med that does affect the brain.

    My guess is that this is no big deal. That while a medication may affect the mind, that probably won't make any difference to whether one can meditate, and what type of meditation one will experience. But I thought I'd throw the question out here anyway, to see what others say...


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    Re: Sitting while on drugs

    We sit with what is. The basic point is just to drop thoughts and judgments, as always. J

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    Re: Sitting while on drugs

    Thanks, Jundo, I kind of figured that would be the answer. But I felt like asking anyway. :-)


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