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Now, I just have to find out if anyone in the universe will publish it!
There is always the possibility of publishing via Book on Demand (BOD). AFAIK you can also do this with Amazon and even have the choice of publishing it as an ebook besides the printed version.
It might even have advantages (or not - it depends) over the whole hassle of telephone calls with the publisher's reader, sending manuscripts, waiting for answers, discussions about layout, title and changes, etc.

The whole Anthropic thing used to be a very important question for me many years back before I came to our practice. However, it has slightly lost importance for me.
It's a bit like the question about whether the glass is half empy or half full - nowadays I simply prefer to take the glass and drink it. ;-)

Coincidence or not? IMHO we will never know.
A creator/intelligent design is not necessary to explain this universe/our existence (which does not mean he/she/it does not exist!).
We don't know how many universes without life there were before ours. Maybe there were billions of lifeless universes before ours before finally there was one supporting life. Then the existence of life would be kind of inevitable, nothing special.
Or there are billions of universes existing next to each other - then the same as above, it would be no big coincidence, that at least one of them supports life.

However, does it really matter? For looking at the stars we are basically looking in the mirror...