A little while ago I posted a topic concerning sleep deprivation and how it may have caused some kensho-like experiences. My sleep loss was not by choice, and frankly not much fun either. I still work long hours at night and wake up early for Daddy duty, but I've noticed that when I combine short naps with zazen, it makes a world of difference.

When I first tried this combination, I was trying to squeeze in zazen before napping, in order to ensure a good sit before my little bugaboo woke up from nappy time. This didn't go well, as I found myself nodding off too much. I then tried taking 10-15 minute naps followed by 20-30 minutes of zazen, which seems to have boosted my energy and ability to stay alert during the day and night.

Just thought I'd pass along the good news, and best wishes to other sleepless souls out there!