Hi all,
today, during my afternoon sitting, everything seemed to be as always. First there are a lot of thoughts and nose itching and eyes wandering trough the wall, and then, as usual, my atention slowly becomes more focused on breath while my posture is steady and calm.
But today, while observing my breath during the sitting, suddenly I've started to feel a doubt sensation. My atention was focused on the breath, my eyes where steady on the wall, and then I've started to doubt about who was breathing. It's not an easy sensation to describe in a foreign language, but the sensation was something like "my mind is focused on breath but not conciously or actively involved in breathing, but breathing is happening anyway, and is automatic and I have nothing else to do but I'm still conscious about that... so who is breathing now and why?" :roll:

A few moments after that, the doubt feeling went away as it had come, and my zazen continued as usual.

Are those sensations common? Should I keep that feeling while sitting or just let it go and focus again on the breath?