So, this is a subject I have been considering for quite a long time. I would really like to start the process of becoming a Buddhist chaplain. I started by looking for chaplaincy training programs in my area, but I live in Texas, so everything I've been able to find has been based on Christianity. When searching for Buddhist chaplaincy programs specifically, I found many excellent programs including the accredited one at University of the West and the one at Sati, but these both require you to be in residence.

Upaya has a great looking program, most of which can be done via correspondence, but it's very expensive. I am saving for this program long term.

Does anyone know of an online training or certification in Buddhist chaplaincy? Is there another avenue I should be exploring?

I guess I don't really want to pursue a Masters in Divinity or anything like that. I'd just like a certification that would lend some credibility when I ask to volunteer at local hospitals, etc.