Hi everybody!

We talked with Jundo about the possibility to record videos about sewing a seven stripes kesa. We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to all, especially people who received the precepts. Kesa is not only for monks, in fact, as a rule, Dogen used to ask lay people sitting in Koshoji or Eiheiji to wear a kesa. Kesa is the robe of sitting-zen, not a clergy thing. It is the robe of as-it-is-ness, of "nothing special". Of course, Japanese Buddhism uses the robe as a way to show a sense of hierarchy these days, black for monks, brown for teachers, multicoloured for high ranked abbots and so forth...Nothing to do with the original tradition of the robe made of rags :roll: . In Nyohoe sewing style, in Sawaki Kodo school, people who sit are Buddha, Buddha wears a kesa. That simple. What can I say? i would be so glad to share with you this tradition. I could also put a bit of my broken English into good use and say a bit more about the two chapters of shobogenzo which are about the robe. But the main theme would be: hands on and needle work. Would you like to join? be part of this new venture?

Take great care of yourself
and of course
study the self
forget the self
let all things preach the truth
and swing, rock and roll,wash the dishes, wash the wishes and enjoy just being

The froooooooooooooooooooooo-zen (frog-zen?) Taigu