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Thread: 'Sit-a--Long' Suggestion Box

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    'Sit-a--Long' Suggestion Box

    John from Downunder had a very nice idea:

    How about a suggestion box for themes to cover on the 'Sit-a-Long' talks on the blog?

    I can't promise that I can cover everything, but 'tis a great idea. So, let's keep this pinned here, and folks can drop a suggested topic in the box at any time.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: 'Sit-a--Long' Suggestion Box

    Thank you for this thread. I think this is a good idea and I'm grateful that you're receptive to it.

    As an aside, I often have questions that arise from things you speak about during the video. I certainly don't want to bog you down with silly questions that pop in my head as I'm listening to you. However, I've had a couple of questions that seem like they're actually fairly decent. Is there a good place to pose those questions? (I think the answer is "THIS FORUM, DUMMY!" but I just want to make sure.)

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    Re: 'Sit-a--Long' Suggestion Box


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    Re: 'Sit-a--Long' Suggestion Box

    Jundo how about a talk on letting go?
    i mean that i sometimes notice that people are looking at things black and white and miss the point

    maybe a talk on how it is to live life as a lay buddhist and yet letting go of everything yet still holding enough to stay part of the world and that it really isnt escape.

    Gassho, Dojin.

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    Re: 'Sit-a--Long' Suggestion Box

    Hi Jundo,

    Another suggestion... Here's the topic.

    "All distinctions are falsely imagined"

    I read the quote in a book by Christmas Humphreys (a student of D.T. Suzuki). My initial reaction to such a sweeping statement was disbelief however I've heard you say (as a very quick aside) that there's "no you and no me". Perhaps you can give us some insights into the topic sometime.


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    Re: 'Sit-a--Long' Suggestion Box

    Take it back to the old school, the Buddha-bot talk.

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