Hope the following doesn't reflect too closely any one here's problems at the moment.
Just a little topical 'something' I wrote today, no apoloies for the cynicism in it...

Hey Santa

Hey Santa, Dear Santa, of coke and a joke,
This Christmas ain’t funny for many a folk.
With your sleigh bells and jingling at this time of year,
For many a family you bring heartache and fear!

Hey Santa, Dear Santa, there’s a crunch don’t you know?
The money’s like honey, there’s a shortage of doe.
But just like the kids and those that succumb
It’s Christmas you know, so we’ve got to have fun!

Hey Santa, Dear Santa, and JC of Barn.
We’re drinking and shopping and spreading your yarn!
And faiths spill like the beer and the wines of delusion
It’s biblical, capital-istic world fusion!

Hey Santa, Dear Santa, can you come back again,
In a month or two’s time when there’s nowt in the tin?
When the bailiff’s come knocking with out your good cheer,
Will you pay off our bills please? Oh, just ‘til next year?

Hey Santa, Dear Santa, you’re such a good bloke.
We know you’ll come help us all now that we’re broke.
You’ll fill us with cheer and for next year we hope,
You’ll visit us early with a noose on a rope!

In gassho, Kev