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Thread: Question regarding Sitting

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    Question regarding Sitting

    I understand that the focus here is "Just Sitting".

    That is a mental process (or spiritual), is it not? And not a physical one at all? Otherwise a being who was physically incapable of sitting would never be able to practice.

    What do you reckon?

    I originally discovered this forum after reading about the debacle at e-sangha, but I'm not in the mood for writing about that at the moment. I too was banned for disagreeing with literal rebirth.

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    Re: Question regarding Sitting

    Sitting is a mental, physical, and spiritual process yes. All in one, one in all. To attach to sitting would be to attach to forms, which we are not about here. I do kinhin, walking meditation, in a wheelchair, so sitting in some other form is still just "sitting." This is how I experience this place.

    Welcome, and have a seat.

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    Re: Question regarding Sitting

    Hi Kevin,

    "Just Sitting" is that which is perfectly what it is, a perfect act in that moment, with nothing to add or take away. When one is Just Sitting, all's Just Sitting ... there is just Just Sitting. No place else to be (or where you can be), nothing else to do (or which can be done) in that moment ...

    'Tis the Buddhas and All the Ancestors, the Alpha and the Omega, sitting in that moment, that one place and time. It is not (but is too!) physical or mental, it is not material nor idealistic, it is not spiritual, it is not BIG MIND or little mind, God or Man ... but is what remains when every description, judgment and image of "Just Sitting" is dropped from mind ... "it" "is" "mind" and "dropping" all fully dropped from mind too.

    It is not going anywhere, nor is it standing still. It can never be defiled. It is not about making Buddhas nor any realization or attainment ... realizing that there is never need for attainment, right there, the greatest Buddha realization and attainment of all.

    It is not thinking, it is not not thinking (although it is that too) ... it is merely non-thinking!

    No, it is not a matter of sitting, standing, walking, rolling on wheels, reclining ... it is not limited to any place or time. Thus we sit for a time in a quiet room, once or twice daily, cross legged if we can (or in a chair or any other way if not). The true "quite room" is located everywhere and no where, thus we can sit while standing in the hustle and bustle of Times Square on New Years Eve! Thus we sit on a cushion facing a wall. To cross the legs and straighten the back in the Lotus Position is Zazen, and Zazen is all the universe ... a Lotus Position that is all Positions!

    Does that answer your question a bit? Sorry, no straight answers to such a question!

    Glad to have you.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Question regarding Sitting

    I thought it to be as straight (or entangled) as it could be, eh?

    May the force be with you

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