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Thread: Happy holidays.

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    Happy holidays.


    Me and my wife (kishinemma) wishes everybody a happy holiday.

    Edit: we know its a tad early, but we're going away for the holiday so...

    Happy holidays everyone and may the force be with you

    May the force be with you
    Tb, Emma and Jesper

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    A happy holiday to you all too from me.

    Lovely day to day as the sun rose in a clear morning sky and the days start to lengthen again.

    In gassho, Kev

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Happy Holidays from Ohio! Zero degrees Farenheit this morning, but all the trees and bushes encased in ice and shining in the sun like glass.

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Happy Holiday to you all from us here digging out of a nice deep snowstorm 45cm in one night... Gorgeous day with plenty of snow samu! Ill up a pic somtime soon

    Gassho, Dirk

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Happy Holidays Treeleafers...I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

    And I'm right there with you Dirk as my muscles ache from shoveling over a foot of snow in just the last couple days. But I've been dealing with that the same way I dealt with my knee pain during the retreat. Gassho.

    Samu is cool.

    Shikantaza? Also cool.

    Zen? Very cool.

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    thank you all, happy holidays to you as well!!!

    i wish i had snow here. there is almost no snow in Israel!
    the only snow we get is once every few years in Jerusalem and that is also just a little bit and it melts the same day

    i miss snow :|

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    good cheer to the lot of you.

    may fortune be with you in the new year.

    and Tb
    may the Force be with you as well.
    (han shot first!)

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Happy and safe holidays to all here in Treeleaf!

    Jundo, just lay off the sauce this time. :mrgreen:

    I am just joking!



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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Happy Rohatsuhanukkahkwanzachristmasolstice to everyone!


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    Re: Happy holidays.

    I also wish all happiness and wellness. I wish I could send some snow to Israel! I am also doing much shoveling of snow and checking of pipes and animals to keep them from freezing. Many days of below freezing. And this neck of the woods owns few snow plows. I am grateful for this cyber-sangha that allows me to feel interconnected during long hours in the house. Also, I am grateful to Jundo for his talk about handling the materialism of's a tough one with kids!

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Feliz Navidad a Tod@s!

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Dear all Treeleafers

    Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year to all.

    I have just finished work and now look forward to the next week or so with my family. I will post, sew and sit more over the next few days, but for now I just want to say thank you to everyone for being there - I carry you all in my heart.

    A deep gassho to all


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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Happy Holidays to all.


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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Season's greetings y Feliz Navidad from me too.

    I hope you all enjoy what you do and don't do too much

    Take care,


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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Joy to the World

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Merry Rohatsu to all!!

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    Re: Happy holidays.

    I hope everyone had an excellent December 25th! and continue to have great days ahead!


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    Re: Happy holidays.


    I wish you all a very happy and peaceful holiday season. No snow here, but lots of rain :| I got my first true Zafu, yay - no more pillows! I will be sitting with you all much more comfort :wink: .

    Enjoy your families and the season.


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    Re: Happy holidays.

    Peace on earth, good will to all.


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    Re: Happy holidays.

    A very happy holiday season to all. Best wishes for the New Year.

    This is a good time of year to remember those things for which we are thankful - I am grateful for the sangha and the opportunity to practice. Thank you all.


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