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Thread: Virtual Zendo Woes.

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    Virtual Zendo Woes.

    So I do not know if I am doing something wrong or if there is something wrong with my computer. I tried going into the Zazen hall to sit and all that showed up on my screen was a purple box with the labels: Mic, and Settings. Now I have a mac book and with the mac book there is a built in "I-sight" camera, when I go into video conferencing on other sites, it asks me if the program that is in use can access my camera, I hit allow and things work. This does not work in the Zazen hall, for some reason unknown to me. It does not seem to turn on my built-in camera. After a few minutes of the purple screen of doom, I am redirected to mebeam's site. It asks me for a room I wish to join/create. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if anyone has any advice that could help me (I looked at the FAQ already).



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    Re: Virtual Zendo Woes.

    Hi Kyle,

    Found this for you in the Mebeam help forum. See if it will work ...

    no problem here. been using mebeam with a macbook of a friend. your father have to go to the settings and change the settings of the camera to be usb calss camera. works like a charm.
    Well I went out there today and checked his settings. Sure enough he didnt have his cam set on "USB Class Webcam"!
    Sooooo, Kazzaz gets the Bingo award!
    Thank you very much.
    There was about a 5 second delay on Mebeam though. Skype seemed quite a bit quicker. ... =18&page=2

    See if you can hunt around their forum if you find more problems.

    Also, Mebeam shuts down if only one person is in it for more than a few minutes. A solution we found (and that I believe still works) is to open Mebeam twice, in two tabs of your browser. Then you will be sitting with you.

    But which one is 'You"?? :?

    Gassho, The Tech Guy

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    Re: Virtual Zendo Woes.

    Also found this in Skye's technical FAQ for Treeleaf ...

    For Mac users who have a webcam, but still only get the 'Blue Box' image when in the Zen Hall

    If using an USB webcam, click the Settings control at the top right corner and click
    the small webcam tab, and make sure that the 'usb-class' webcam is selected.

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    Re: Virtual Zendo Woes.

    Hello Myoshin,

    I believe Jundo's suggestion is the correct one; it worked for me. For more info, see this thread:


    In Gassho,


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    Re: Virtual Zendo Woes.


    Thank you for the help.



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