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Thread: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

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    Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    Anyone else having trouble with the Sit-a-Long videos? I have not been able to see them for the last 2 days. I can see the screen & the start arrow but when I click on it the arrow vanishes and nothing happens. :cry: Help!


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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    They are playing fine for me. I have had that problem in the past and only had to update my flash player. There is a link to do that under the video.
    I hope that helps!

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    For the most part they work fine, but I run across some that do not play. To hear Jundo's talks I have started from day one and have been moving forward in time....occasionally I find one that does not play, but going back on another day it plays fine. I have even had occasion when the most current sit-at-along video didn't play, but would then play the next day.

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    The entire first year of talks & "sit-a-longs" have faded into the air ... as our original video service ("Operator11") went out of business. Those talks are all gone but ... everything is impermanent, and that is how it should be. A few Youtube talks and such are still there, and I saved a few special ones .. but all gone gone gone. Yippee!

    And our current service has changed their system a couple of times, so the older talks & sits are also a bit hit and miss.

    Technology, like all of life, does not always go as the self demands of life. Take that as a Koan.

    Gassho, J

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    I believe that I am having the same problems as the OP. I'm pretty sure my situation has to do with me running Linux though. I thought I had the most up to date Flash Player, but I haven't had time to double check yet. Like was mentioned above, some of the videos work, but I can't seem to get the newer videos to play, just a blank screen. Perhaps I'm missing the point, but I don't believe the blank screen to be your daily talk!

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    The blank screen is the heart of my daily talk and sitting ...

    But lets see if we can figure out how to get this to work for Linux. Folks are broadcasting on Ustream using Linux without problem, so I bet the issue is Flash (which just issued Flash 10). Please check your Flash out. ... ight=linux

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    Spent most of the morning trying everything but cannot get any videos to respond. Tried to down load the latest Flash player and although it said download successful nothing works. Will try Tech Guys service after lunch.


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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    Hi Brian,

    Which browser are you using?

    Gassho, The Dharma Tech Guy

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    Hi Jundo,

    I have been trying out the Google Chrome Beta and it has worked fine for about 2 weeks. Tried Internet explorer this morning but made no difference.

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    I phoned the Tech service and got this great guy who talked me through a whole load of stuff (Mr Cool8). He was absolutely marvellous! Eventually after half an hour he decided that I should restore to a point 5 days ago. Then I restarted the computer fully expecting a favourable rebirth. No such luck - something I have done in a former computer life has cursed me. :cry: I will have to get back to that Tech guy :twisted:

    May all beings be at ease - especially me :wink:

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos


    Having the same problem.
    using firefox (and downloader).
    can click but then nothing happens.
    I have a slow connection, but it ususally works if i wait a little.

    love the smile on Jundo's face as he's going to the toilet...

    May the force be with you

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    Re: Trouble: Sit-a-Long Videos

    I'm pretty sure that this won't help anyone else, but I did get the uStream videos to work. However, it was only after a fresh install of Ubuntu.

    Anyway, at least I'll be able to join in on the sits now. ^-^


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