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Thread: volunteer needed, with a good computer

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    volunteer needed, with a good computer

    we are having difficulties with the zen hall, again, this time a bit different -- i have gone to the mebeam forum and found nothing new -- could someone with a newer computer, and a good internet connection, try to go in to the zen hall? -- it seems that ron and i are the only ones using it at present, and we both have older, less powerful computers(mine is a '99 thinkpad) -- we need to eliminate our computers as the source of the continual problems with the zen hall -- if you';re not familiar with the zen hall, thats ok, we can walk you through it -- at the very least, you will have to open two windows, 2 of yourself, or the hall will time out in 5 minutes -- you then need to try and stay in for about an hour

    lets discuss the results here -- then, you will need to go to the mebeam forum, and post the results -- since you have good equipment, they will take your issues seriously -- they dismiss me(they're not alone)as being equipment challenged -- it would seem that this needs to be worked out before the retreat


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    Re: volunteer needed, with a good computer

    Hello Roky,

    I think mebeam is down at the moment. When I go into either room I just get the treeleaf white page.
    I will try again in a while and let you know.

    All the best

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    Re: volunteer needed, with a good computer

    philip -- this confirms what ron and i have been experiencing

    i think, however, if you click on the following link

    enter "treeleaf zen hall" in the box, you will find yourself connected --i just did, and have been using this for the past weeks successfully -- if you are then able to connect, then apparently the link on treeleaf is dead -- and then i conclude the problem is ours, not mebeams, and someone needs to reset the link on this page -- for now, i suppose folks could then use this other link and manually enter the treeleaf address

    thanks, bob

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    Re: volunteer needed, with a good computer

    So the Zendo links (zen hall and meeting room) pages just embed the flash based live vid feed in to the page... so it must be passing a couple of paramaters along to first like connect to and treeleaf meeting hall then embed that page. So something has changed at mebeam preventing that from happening.

    So when yall go to and type in Treeleaf.. or treeleafzendo or blah blkaababhlk it creates a live vid feed from your cam and opens a room called what ever you entered (Assuming its not already open) So ...... key thing now would to be to come up with a) standard name for all to use so we all can meet up or sit together. IE all agree on Treeleaf Zen Hall and Treeleaf Meeting Hall or something to that effect.

    Any whootle im not a php/interwebz guy at all and the above is all my Best guess aka deduction on whats going on behind the sences and why stuffs b00rked. So In theory if the name of the .... wait
    lol i got an idea

    heh here it is
    some one with access to the zendo pages needs to chage stuff here

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    Re: volunteer needed, with a good computer

    thanks much, dirk

    not only do you sew a mean rakusu, you understand computer

    gassho, bob

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    Re: volunteer needed, with a good computer

    I dropped a note to Skye ... I am sure he will ride to the rescue ...

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    Re: volunteer needed, with a good computer

    Thanks Dirk.


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