we are having difficulties with the zen hall, again, this time a bit different -- i have gone to the mebeam forum and found nothing new -- could someone with a newer computer, and a good internet connection, try to go in to the zen hall? -- it seems that ron and i are the only ones using it at present, and we both have older, less powerful computers(mine is a '99 thinkpad) -- we need to eliminate our computers as the source of the continual problems with the zen hall -- if you';re not familiar with the zen hall, thats ok, we can walk you through it -- at the very least, you will have to open two windows, 2 of yourself, or the hall will time out in 5 minutes -- you then need to try and stay in for about an hour

lets discuss the results here -- then, you will need to go to the mebeam forum, and post the results -- since you have good equipment, they will take your issues seriously -- they dismiss me(they're not alone)as being equipment challenged -- it would seem that this needs to be worked out before the retreat