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Thread: Life of the Precepts

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    Life of the Precepts

    I'm off up to a Life of the Precepts retreat weekend at Throssel Hole Abbey this afternoon. Looking forward to it, will be interesting to see what comes up in Dharma talks and discussion about the precepts.

    Watch this space...

    _/_ Kev

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    Re: Life of the Precepts

    Oh nice! Enjoy. If your so inclined let us know how it goes

    Gassho Dirk

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    Re: Life of the Precepts


    Kev, looking forward t hearing of your experience.


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    Re: Life of the Precepts

    Break a leg Kev.
    I look forward to an update

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    Re: Life of the Precepts

    Well I'm back

    Very Tough one for me both physically and emotionally with a lot of sitting that I'm just not up to, but a lot of support from the Monks there. I've certainly come back with a few realisations and a deepening of my practice but thankfully no broken legs :wink:

    Surprisingly the precepts were not discussed in any great detail in talks although there was plenty of opportunity for people to ask about them. The theme was more on leading the life of a Buddhist in a broader sense. I guess the week long Jukai retreat in the spring is the place that they will go into greater detail, although we all encouraged to read the Shusogi and Kyojukaimon in non-allotted time. I found the Shushogi spoke to me alot.

    Having said that with all the reading and discussion that's been going on here through Treeleaf Jukai preparations I think it may have been hard to unfold them more with out going even deeper in practise first.

    Couple of things of note though.

    They don't have the precept of 'not miss-using sex', it is replaced by 'Do not covet' which could cover that amongst a miriad of other things.

    Also there is no precept about giving or taking drugs, but it is replaced with 'do not sell the wine of delusion'. Again this could cover the drink/drugs thing and many others.

    It was acknowledged that it is pretty impossible, even for a Monk, to live a life with out braking any precept at sometime. What we have to do is see what we think we need to do in our heart and be prepared to take the consquences of our actions. Which boils down to trying our damnest to have intention of keeping the 3 pure precepts.

    Anyway, back to the Jukai thread, looks like I've more homework to do :roll: :wink: ...

    In gassho, Kev

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    Re: Life of the Precepts

    Thanks for the info Kev and good to see you back.

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