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Thread: Ok, I voted...

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    Ok, I voted...

    I got up early.
    I waiting in the morning chill for an hour.
    I voted.

    Which, after growing up a Democrat in Kansas, I treat as my license to complain when things don't go my way!
    This year, i will try something different. Like the essay Jundo reposted by Brad, I'm going to try my hardest to not be attached to a fixed outcome. If this election doesn't go my way, then I get up every morning and go to work and provide for myself and puppy. If it does go my way then... well, we can do this exercise ad nauseum.
    But, no matter what, even after this day is done and the counts are in, we all need to be voices for a better way!


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    Re: Ok, I voted...

    What ever you voted it's fantastic to have the right to vote when so many are denied it. Well Done

    I know who I hope wins the election over there, fingers crossed

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    Re: Ok, I voted...

    In Washington it's all mail in, so I got mine out of the way few weeks ago...I personally focus more on the state elections than federal, mostly because I feel that in my life I don't really see too much of a difference in the white house as most of the real power lies in the house and senate " because they can override a presidential choice at any time" and it still feels to me to be too much of a " say what they want to hear, then do what you want anyway" game...So I'm not stressed by it, who wins, wins, life continues, time marches on, we bend and adjust to things we must, there is still too much in this world to judge anyone on their choices

    just because I don't trust ANYONE in politics, does not mean I don't respect them and see their good qualities, even if they are wearing a public mask...they are human...they are still living.. thats all that matters to me.

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    Re: Ok, I voted...

    Wow Well definitely a day for the history books

    Lets just hope he can make some big changes,both in the USA and it's foreign policy, the cynical in me still thinks government is government though :?

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    Re: Ok, I voted...

    you know i must admit i kinda liked bill Clinton more after the Lewinsky scandal.
    he looked more human to me than before.
    although i am against cheating

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    Re: Ok, I voted...

    Now, the work begins!

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    Re: Ok, I voted...

    well, u know, i was kinda hoping americans would vote in McCain. It would have been nice to go along with their recent track record. Might have even had Sarah Palin as President.

    I suppouse now their will be resurgence of a few yrs.......after the recession.

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    Re: Ok, I voted...

    its a cycle here in the states... after we have a president from one party, we almost always end up picking the other party next time.. its rare for two different presidents one after another to be from the same party....

    also the trend plays like this:

    President elected from X party
    house and senate gain, or re-enforce majority control for party X

    next elections come....

    should president from X hold his place the house and senate will actually shift and become more controlled by party B

    during the next election, a president from party B is selected

    and the cycle continues...

    atleast this historically is " average" there are exceptions now and then.

    though the more common trend too is that during a campaign the candidates really spout their plans, and notions and push for the hard sale.... and once in office back down and use no real authority.. though this is I believe intentional to not upset one side or another too much.. to find a cozy medium... this though gives majority power to the house and senate...making a president more or less a figure head, not so much a leader as they could be....

    I had my likes and dislikes of them both, things I agree with and things I don't...I doubted much of what they both promise as I know once they are in that pet projects get thrown to the side or buried in other affairs.. which is understandable.

    when it comes to elections I personally am more concerned with things on a state level, as those have more of an immediate affect on my day to day living than anything really at a federal level....on a state level it's more " unpredictable" on a federal level, again There is a pattern...even this economic problem the US started world wide is pretty normal...

    granted not to this extent, but world markets ALWAYS start to go south during a US election year.. then rebound pretty fast AFTER it's over..... though this time was a little worse as it compounded with the problems people were generating with the " too easy to use" credit, which is a major problem thats been brewing for the last 30 years, but it too has it's peaks and valley's.

    this again is on my observations and perceptions... I do stay with the " thats life" side of things and don't get too stressed one way or another on who gets in and who does what, we still control our lives and can roll with the punches.

    though on a side note I did find it quite funny that most of my canadian friends knew the gritty details about the US elections.... but had little to no clue about their own elections going on..

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