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    Zen Hall

    Hi guys...

    There is something I want to ask about our Zen Hall..., because I have a trouble there...

    Whenever I enter the meeting hall or zen hall, after several minutes, I will be automatically dropped out and enter the "".

    Do you you any suggestions for me please....?

    Thank you very much,

    Gassho Shuidi

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    Re: Zen Hall

    Hi Guys,

    Yes, you any of the regulars fill me in on how the Zen Hall is working these days?

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Zen Hall

    Lately, it has been working fine for me since I've been completely disabling my screensaver.



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    Re: Zen Hall

    Try and have two windows of the Zen Hall open. That seems to work to keep it up most of the time. But sometimes it crashes anyway. It is OK!


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    Re: Zen Hall

    I have the same problem. After a minute or so, I'm booted out. I'll try the double window thing and see if that works.

    take care,

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    Re: Zen Hall

    After my last computer and it's webcam went dead I stopped sitting with the hall, but I have my new pair up and running now so I'll check it out soon. When I was using it I had the same basic problem as other folks as it would time out if I had just one window open.

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    Re: Zen Hall

    I managed to keep the Zen Hall open for the duration of my sitting, however, there were 'two' of me in there! Ha!

    not two and not one,

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    Re: Zen Hall

    I realize that I am not a "known" member of this sangha because I generally lurk here and do not post, but I might like to begin sitting with you in the zen hall and have been having problems getting into the site. It just does not seem to work for me; I am using a rather new MacBook in my attempts to connect. If anyone has a suggestion for getting this connected or would like to work with me on this, please feel free to contact me off-forum at

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    Re: Zen Hall

    Happy de-lurking Laura

    This should help you:Zen Hall FAQs...


    I know some mac users have to enable certin things on their machine, don't know Macs so can't help more sorry


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    Re: Zen Hall

    _/_ thank you. I did read that but it doesn't really help, unfortunately. I just don't get an image at all. I see a small, light blue box with yellow words in three corners which I seem to be tied to the A/V functions, but I don't have any video coming in. It could be that I'm sending video out, but I don't see anything in the box that would indicate I'm connected to the virtual room. Maybe that's how it works if only one person is there?

    Anyway, help would be... helpful I am gearing up to start regular sitting again after a too-long hiatus, and I like the tone of this group and its focus on fusing as a sangha promoting standard practice in the Soto tradition.

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    Re: Zen Hall

    Hi Laura

    sounds like you're in the room but your webcam isn't working. One blue square means you're in the room on your own but not trasmitting a picture you should see you in the square, if there was more than you you'd see a square with each other person in.

    Found this for mac's on mebeam help...

    Q: I am a Mac user and why does my USB webcam not work in Mebeam?
    A: If using an USB webcam, click the Settings control at the top right corner and click
    the small webcam tab, and make sure that the 'usb-class' webcam is selected.

    Try the above and then see if it works?

    _/_ Kev

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    Re: Zen Hall

    Beautiful! It works!

    In Gassho _/_

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