Hello all
Basic question, but I'm confused and borderline frustrated...I have bookmarked the Shasta Abbey text, which has 95 chapters nicely titled in Japanese & English. I also have bookmarked the Soto-Zen text (Shobogenzo Zuimonki, which is the one on Jundo's recommended reading list). This one has 6 'books' subdivided into 117 'chapters' with numeric headings only.

Are these actually the same text or document?

I can't figure out if the 'Zuimonki' designation on the soto-zen site makes them different, and I can't seem to correlate the texts with each other at all. I'm lost. I do not have hard-copy paper text yet, and seem unlikely to obtain it any time soon, so I'm trying to work with what I can find on my faithful computer.

When I read a post here, or on a blog, referring to a chapter name, it's usually easy for me to find it on one site. But, I'd really like to read it in both places and I can't figure out how to read a particular referenced text on the soto-zen site.

(grumpy aside...the Bible is so much easier. everyone agrees on the locational aspect with book/chapter/verse, and they just argue about wording, translation and interpretation. Here, I can't even FIND something someone talks about, let alone get to the next level. End of grump.)

thanks, and with much respect for all, Ann