Seems some how I finished off my left knee. Its been abused through out my early teens until a couple of years ago so it was bound to happen(snowboarding for 18yrs, skiing for 5 before that). That being said Im getting used to sitting with "it" - Funny eh... Its not me in pain its my knee?? Any who, I figured out (got schooled) through this, That i was attached to the idea that i was some how a "cool kid" because i could sit full lotus :roll: Well take THAT EGO! Now i can barely sit half and have to switch after 30 mins to Burmese- and have been considering just walking. Now i never thought... "eew" about any position sitting. I know any sitting(lying down, standing up) is good no matter how you non-do it, just as long as your non-doing it. But i some how got attached to the notion of a better or best sitting position.
My knee just taught me a lesson. just thought id share it.

Gassho Dirk