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Thread: Pain in the ****

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    Pain in the ****

    Seems some how I finished off my left knee. Its been abused through out my early teens until a couple of years ago so it was bound to happen(snowboarding for 18yrs, skiing for 5 before that). That being said Im getting used to sitting with "it" - Funny eh... Its not me in pain its my knee?? Any who, I figured out (got schooled) through this, That i was attached to the idea that i was some how a "cool kid" because i could sit full lotus :roll: Well take THAT EGO! Now i can barely sit half and have to switch after 30 mins to Burmese- and have been considering just walking. Now i never thought... "eew" about any position sitting. I know any sitting(lying down, standing up) is good no matter how you non-do it, just as long as your non-doing it. But i some how got attached to the notion of a better or best sitting position.
    My knee just taught me a lesson. just thought id share it.

    Gassho Dirk

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    Re: Pain in the ****

    I'm sure I'd have full lotus ego if I could manage it; I have full lotus envy instead :mrgreen:

    I've got a knee that doesn't even like burmese so I have to content myself for the present with seiza on a bench. Old karate injuries are my excuse, both left hip and knee ouch! Plus legs like tree trunks.

    But I'm trying anyway, bouncing the baby on it gets it down until the pain gets me down :lol:

    Hope your knee recovers along with ego :wink:

    In gassho, Kev

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    Re: Pain in the ****


    I'm sorry to hear about the pain in, ahem, knee :cry: . Those little buggers can be a detriment to us all. Never knew how important the knee was until I dislocated my left one in college and now I have arthritis in it. I hope you find a way to make it feel better.


    Your post made me laugh...I too, have full lotus envy :lol: And Karate injury envy - I'd least I'd have a good excuse for my injuries if I did dislocation happened after partaking in too much alcohol when I was young and dumb. ops:

    And in response to one of your posts on another thread...I never even thought of what "krid" meant until you stated that you just figured it out. So, now I have figured it out as, a little slow sometimes. :lol:

    Take care, both of you
    Kelly Rok

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    Re: Pain in the ****

    Hehe thanks for the smiles guys i have karate- envy too kelly lol my "Ab" keeps me from pulling off any karate moves - yeah... thats it :lol:

    Gassho Dirk

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    Re: Pain in the ****

    Just trying to dislocate my knee as I type, or atleast that's how it feels.

    Boo hoo poor us eh :lol:

    Just noticed your Blog Dirk, going to check it out while I dislocate a hip too 8)

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    Re: Pain in the ****

    Hi Dirk,

    Welcome to our universal clinic...I did the same and f....up both my knees. Still sit though. Lotus? Why not? My Japanese girlfriend sits in perfect and painless lotus but never does any sitting zen. Just have a sense of humour. Your ego is fine. So is your sitting.

    PS: you may give a few Alexander technique directions a try,


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    Re: Pain in the ****

    I have "Seen" but never read anything on it (alexander technique that is). Right now id give it a try, any place/book/site i should check out in particular(before i go on a googling spree and get mis-information)?
    Many thanks and Gassho, Dirk

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