I have been very sick the last two weeks with viral bronchitis. Horrible, nasty thing it is, too. :cry: Anyway, I attempted to do zazen but had some difficulties. Most of the time I just fell asleep right in the middle of practice. I knew I was exhasted to begin with, but I didn't want to forgoe practice. I could feel myself getting sleepier and sleepier and suddenly the gong is sounding and I've slept the time away. So the question I have is, when I am sick and sleepy should I continue to practice and take the sleeping as part of practice or should I just forgoe practice until I feel better enough to stay awake for a least a few minutes? The second problem I had was the ridiculous cough. Once i started to feel better, I had a horrible hacking cough. I couldn't maintain my posture during zazen because I was constantly doubling over coughing. Again, should I maintain my practice and use the coughing as part of practice, or should I just wait until I'm better to continue with my zazen? What do you think? :?

Peace and gassho,