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Thread: Long weekend!

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    Long weekend!

    Howdy all
    This is a long weekend (for some) as this is the Canadian Thanksgiving.
    With that in mind id like to give thanks (regardless of the date):

    For a healthy and happy family, a roof over our head, and food and clothing that we have - at this moment.
    Also thankful for all the little things that I take for granted at times and yet are hugely important (like... Breathing!! ) .
    I also give thanks for all of you here at Treeleaf for your wise words, support along the way and a laugh too.

    Deep bows
    Happy Thanksgiving at every moment


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    Re: Long weekend!


    we should be about that. have a nice time with your family. ill keep "thanking " and giving here. im like really good mood right now so, happy moments to you all. lets bring light in to darkness. we are all guests and hosts in this raving madness of reality.



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    Re: Long weekend!

    Thanks Dirk.


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    Re: Long weekend!

    Thank you for your fellowship. Have a fine weekend with your family.


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