Created by comedian Bill Maher, it's a quasi-documentary that attempts to expose not only the silliness, but the potentially mortal danger involved in religion. I found it entertaining, but not particularly eye-opening because I'm already sympathetic to Maher's views... and not as funny as I'd expected (coming from a comedian) but that's probably because the theme, especially by the end of the film, was uber-serious.

One thing that really strikes me when I see films or literature criticizing "religion" at large, is how Buddhism is rarely if at all ever mentioned. It's always the Abrahamic religions, Judiasm/Christianity/Islam. As if, those three religions comprise ALL of what could legitimately be considered "religion". That's unfortunate because I think there's a large chunk of the population (here in America, at least) who would probably respond well to something like Buddhism... if they realized there was a method that *wasn't* built around blind faith, and could allow their guard down long enough to seriously test the idea.

The documentary was fun, but I'd suggest waiting till it comes out of video :wink: