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Thread: Take Care

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    Take Care

    I am leaving Treeleaf to pursue other practices. I wish everyone well and safe journey on the path.

    Gassho Will

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    Re: Take Care

    Hello Will!
    I've always been impressed with your constancy, and I have enjoyed your talent in all your creative modes of expression--music, film, skateboarding, your eye for beauty and the generosity with which you have shared these with us.
    It is a pleasure to have gotten to know a bit about you here, and I wish you well in all your ventures and adventures.
    Take good care.

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    Re: Take Care

    Be well, Will.

    The door is always open, and the Zafu always waiting.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Take Care

    Right back at ya Will...I hope you find what you are seeking.

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    Re: Take Care

    All the best Will.

    Thanks for he chats and music.
    I hope you get to pop back from time to time.

    sincerest Gassho


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    Re: Take Care

    Hey Will!

    Waes thu Hael,


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    Re: Take Care

    Hi Will,

    It was great having you here with us, and it would be great if you were to return. Until then, all the best to you.


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    Re: Take Care

    I wish you all the best Will!
    please stop back in from time to time.


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    Re: Take Care

    Good Luck Will. Please do check in and let us know how things are going.


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    Re: Take Care

    I wish you well. Thanks for your poems, music and input on the threads.

    Many blessings,

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    Re: Take Care

    Safe journeys to you as well, Will.

    I can't say I know you, but have truly enjoyed and benefited from your posts, here.

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    Re: Take Care

    Will, i'm going to miss your posts, your music, your experience and the particular wisdom you shared with us all. Wishing you the very best. Gassho Kent

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    Re: Take Care

    My goodbyes were little premature, and deserve some explanation It think.

    Something I wrote:

    Certain traditions on the Buddhist path point to the same end: Realizing our true nature. In doing so, ending suffering. However, when one has a certain attainment of that realization, is it necessary to move from one practice to another? Traditions may have their special differences, but really that is all beside the point. What really matters is the simple truth that is recognized by pursuing them.
    I am continuing to sit Zazen and have no intention of changing that. I am not spiritual shopping. However, my participation in the forum will be minimal while I explore other Buddhist traditions, and practices.

    Be well
    Hands Palm to Palm


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    Re: Take Care

    Oh Whew, happy exploring Will!
    And as echoed above, even though your not "leaving" its always nice to hear the nice things about you regardless right? you, Sir, always have some good things to share!
    Thank you for that.

    Gassho, Dirk

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    Wherever the next mediation is. Every now and then I make it back to Norfolk, England.

    Re: Take Care

    Be well, Will. I have always enjoyed reading your posts.



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    Re: Take Care

    Hi Will,

    Thank you for your posts. I hope you will come back and tell us about your adventures and insights :mrgreen: :!:


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    Re: Take Care

    Ur posts are nice. May you be well and happy. Best wishes in the other practices.

    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Take Care

    Hello Will and all,

    I always enjoy reading your posts as well. I hope you find some interesting things on your search. You'll have to come back and share them with us.

    Many happy returns...
    Kelly Rok

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    Re: Take Care

    will -- i also have been cutting back on my posting(too busy sewing!), but i'm glad i caught this one

    take care

    gassho, bob

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