Hi all!

This morning at work, I was cleaning up while no-one was around. As I got out the vacuum, I decided to try a "vacuuming meditation". It was really amazing how the repetition and white noise almost immediately led me into a kinhin-type of state. While so engaged, I had a bit of an epiphany.

Cleaning up is no different than making any other change in the world. First you have to accept that the dirt is there. Complaining about it or, worse, denying it is there, isn't going to help at all. All complaining does is add to the suffering (mostly for those who have to listen to it). Denial of its existence simply means that it is going to get worse and take more effort to get rid of later. (Unless you take that to its logical conclusion and live in a mud hole.)

After accepting that the dirt exists, you simply need to use right thought and action. "Hmmm, this carpet is filthy. I really should do something about that." *grab vacuum, clean*

It was a nice moment. Plus, using it as an opportunity to meditate also meant that it seemed to go a lot faster than it normally does. Talk about reducing suffering!