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    Kelly's note reminded me...

    I've been wondering for a while...what magazines do you recommend for or against? There are several out there, and I've been thinking of starting a subscription, but don't have a clue how to choose. Not that I'll have much time to read this & the precepts study, but maybe it can be a present to myself later on.

    Thanks, Ann

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    Re: Buddha-zines

    Hi Ann,

    I unfortunately don't have any good advice as to which mag. to choose, because like you; I had a hard time deciding. I can tell you that I have subscribed to "Shambhala Sun" but I often purchase "Tricycle" to go along with it. I am a big fan of both magazines...afterall, Tricycle is where I found Treeleaf :wink: My birthday is coming up and I...well... my husband, will be subscribing to Tricycle for me. It takes me a couple months to get through one magazine because they have so much information. I tend to need time to "process" information, so I read them in small spurts. There is also "Buddhadharma", published by Shambhala Sun - it seems to be more in depth, more practice-focused. If that makes sense...

    I'm sorry I can't help you in choosing, I have read a little bit from all three of these magazines. It is too early for me to decide which one I like best. I'd be intereseted to hear what others have to say...

    Humbly yours,

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    Re: Buddha-zines

    Hello, Ann,

    I also, like KellyRok, like Tricycle. Buddhadharma second. Shambala Sun used to be O.K. a while ago. Now, in my opinion (for whatever that's worth), it's too glossy, a bit shallow.

    The mags are helpful to me because of time constraints in the past so quite often I did have time to read just one article or so. And as KellyRok said, that way you also have time to absorb what's been read.

    I did find that all two of the three seem to have the main focus on Tibetan Buddhism. Tricycle is, in my opinion, more balanced between Theravada and Mahayana.

    Many blessings,

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    Re: Buddha-zines

    Third the motion. Trycicle and then Buddhdharma. They ain't cheap mags so I usually pick one for that particular month depending on their content. Usually it's Trycicle.

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    Re: Buddha-zines

    I subscribed to Tricycle and have only occasionally read the other two....for what that's worth.

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    Re: Buddha-zines

    Also...I am not sure there r that many buddhist mags/journals being published so options are limited. Nevertheless, for the size of the community in the US, there are more than nuff. BTW, another option, which is Tibetan Buddhism, is THE SNOW LION BUDDHIST NEWS & CATALOG. Someone gave a copy. Not bad, but I am not too into TB.

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    Re: Buddha-zines

    Try Mountain Record, The Zen Practitioner’s Journal , the record of the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism. While the discourses by John Daido Loori Roshi are somewhat different than Jundo’s they are often provocative and worth considering. More enjoyable are essays from non Buddhist authors who give different perspectives on what we would consider Buddhist values or philosophy. While I also read Tricycle and Buddhadharma, sort of pick and choose through each issue, I always read the whole Mountain Record, and frequently loose them to my son and daughter when they are here visiting.


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    Re: Buddha-zines

    Not that folks don't already have enough to read ...

    ...but a wonderful periodical that comes out only twice a year (and functions only on donations and how much one feels they should give for it) is "Inquiring Mind":

    Although said to be primarily from a "Vipassana" perspective, it is actually one of the most open and ecumenical to all Buddhist schools, down to earth and imaginative, and lovely periodicals out there. It deserves folks' support.

    Gassho, Jundo

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    Re: Buddha-zines

    Thank you all for your recommendations and links. Also, for pointing out a couple of items that were previously unfamiliar to me! Gassho, Ann

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