I don't want to give the wrong impression with the title, like it's something to run after or grab onto, but I found it suiting.

I don't know how they happen, but they do. Discovery happens. For years I've been off balanced, and tense. This mostly came down to the breath. Somehow along the way, the breath became very off, very forced, and unnatural. Now, whether this has to do with the mind, the breath, the hearing, I can't say.

I used to have this girlfriend. She had the best perfume. It was Jasmine. Man wow. I've had quite a few (girlfriends that is) in my time. Every one would have a smell. Their room would just smell. Any room. A new place would have a scent, whether a bank or a grocery store. Along the way I just lost that. How? Don't know. Looking at paintings, the scent of autumn, and water. Love,feelings. Watching T.V. with a friend and laughing... I'm not going to go into too much.

This morning I did some Metta practice, sat Zazen, chanted, and sat a sitting during the Zazenkai. I listened to Jundo's Dharma talk. During Zazen I discovered to just let the breath be. Just let it be. Calming, open. Listening to the crickets, and also the fan and birds at my place. After, I got up, went to the kitchen, had a soyjoy bar, some walnuts and and they were great. Seemed like the best I've ever tasted.

I might say that our practice is exactly what we have already been this whole time, right under our nose.

Hands Palm to Palm