I must admit that I do not practice sitting zazen as consistently as I should, or at least as consistently as some would say I should. Though, for me personally, I find Aikido to have almost the same effects as zazen...almost...and I find that the alternation of both activities tends to promote, for me, non-attachment to the formal sitting version of zazen (though zazen can take many forms). In otherwords, I don't "stress out" if I don't formally sit for a couple of days.

On the other hand, I have noticed that my more recent, fairly consistent, sitting practice has produced an unexpected effect. I work in an academic/university setting, and when I am listening to someone speak in a conversation or in a lecture, or when I am teaching, or walking across campus, those times tend to promote an increasing sense of stillness or "no mind" or the content feeling one experiences during sitting. I can best describe this phenomena as an "old friend" who shows up increasingly often and "lightens up" whatever situation I happen to be in.

Sounds kinda corny, I know. But it makes sense to me!