Hello, Everyone,

I ordered and finally received The Mind of Clover by Robert Aitken. I realize that it's going to be part of the bookclub later, however, I was flipping through it (I could never wait until Xmas Day either!) and I caught the following, it seemed appropriate for me and actions I take as well as words I speak:

"The fabric of the Buddha Sangha is as fragile as the intention of a single member. One person can create havoc in the group by malicious talk." (page 66).

As a person who frequently suffers from foot in mouth disease and has seen one sangha take a dive into oblivion, I offer up my sincere apologies if in any way I have offended or hurt anyone by my sometimes careless or "trying to be funny" words. I really would like to see this sangha flourish. A safe place for everyone, including myself.

Many blessings,