Are there words to describe this whatever it is? Well, the obvious answer would be no. However, as this continues, things fit together and words are understood.

Now, there might be all kinds of great things to write about, but really what it comes down (if you really want ot find out) is the cushion. What does that mean exactly? It means: we sit in the morning, we maybe sit in the evening and we continue (sometimes we sit all day). It is very simple. Being lost in a state of constant bliss is not it. Where can you go? So, from the time that we are born, to the time that die, what do we do? Chop wood and fetch water (a metaphor for just, I'll say, this life). The true teachings of Zen, are very simple:

We have a great bliss, then we get off the cushion and do what we do. We feel very calm and centered, then we get off the cushion and do what we do. We have a deep seeing into the nature of all things and phenomenon, then we get off the cushion. Are you going to spend your life on the cushion, and doing kinhin? I don't think that's what it's about. We talk. We communicate. We have a family. We have a job. We do what we do at this moment, which includes things.

Unattachment does not mean that we wander from place to place sitting on mountains, and being interconnected with the universe 24/7. It means getting up of the cushion. It means going about your day. It means meeting people. It means writing. It means giving, and accepting. It means being good. Not causing trouble. Doing what you do.

The universe spreads it's arms and embraces you, but you still have to do the laundry. It is not being lost in the colors of the clothes, or the smell of the detergent (then you would get nothing done) it is just doing it.

And perhaps being a rock, support, and example by just getting up off the cushion.