Jundo mentioned that the Buddha advocated celibacy, on another thread, and that made me think about the issue. We are all so conditioned to believing that we can only be happy when we are in a traditional family unit. I found this YouTube video on the subject from a guy who has a very different perspective. But it probably wouldn't interest the happily married in the forum:

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“How celibacy brings peace, simple contentment and spiritual insight that surpasses that of romance and sexuality. AND makes for a positive response towards an overpopulated and polluted planet...”

"Celebrating Simplicity". “If you are a friend to yourself you are never lonely….if you don’t love yourself you will always be running away to somebody else thinking that there you can get your fulfillment….why should your happiness become dependent on somebody else? … on that attachment and support? …if your happiness is so dependent on your wife and family it is very fragile…”