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    No Buddha

    When infinite Buddhas live in infinite space, how can there be such thing as a Buddha? There is no Buddha. A Buddha is the sum of infinite Buddhas.

    You can't hear anything. You can't see anything. You can't feel anything, or taste, or experience. There is no center. There is no anchor. There is no specific thing. No separation. All things flow into all things. All Buddhas never come, and never go.


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    Re: No Buddha

    But this doesn't mean that raspberry popsicles can't taste good.

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    Re: No Buddha

    I know that a lot of people in Zen think Sutra reading is superfluous, but reading the Diamond Sutra can turn your mind in knots and let everything just drop.


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    Re: No Buddha

    Hi Will,...

    nice description, ..... No Buddha. And in the same time everything is Buddha itself.

    Gassho, shuidi

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