It seems I enjoy writing, and you won't be getting rid of me easly

I wrote something this morning on my blog and I thought I would post it here:

I recieved a interesting post from someone in the Sangha that brought up the subject of feelings, emotions and being human. At the moment, I think in part, that's what it is getting down to. Spending all this time running around on the cushion and off.

You see. Those feeling before were so serious. Took them so seriously, but at the moment I think that it is about enjoying those feelings. Knowing that you are human, and finding love, happiness and sadness that arise and enjoying them. Just enjoying the moment being perfectly you. The difference is not being convinced. In this not being convinced, I think there is some kind of wisdom, and as one sits, that wisdom shows itself more fully.

I have heard Jundo speak of the fact that: because we can penetrate these things, doesn't mean that we shouldn't step into the role now and then. But also keeping with us, that wisdom that we have. Seeing how one can do good. Penetrating the reasons, graditude, humility, usefulness, and joy for the things that we have. Deep at the heart of this (for practitioners of the way) I believe is: The Buddha, Dharma, Sangha (and life).
Gassho Will