Being a political science major, I am a policy wonk...which is pretty bad for those following Dharma. Bad since we seem steeped in too much concept and getting all frayed over concepts and policy. Anywho. This type field of study has personality types like me who get harried about meaning, proper procedure, and all that jazz.

So. This affects my practice because I am trying to figure the "proper"/"right" this or that.

I know some months ago, Jundo had a video in which he explained various parts of our practice. One part was kinhin. He mentioned the placement of the hands. Soto and Rinzai have their version, I think.

Today I was reading Brad's latest post on his blog. He has now posted one called Zazen Instructions with Liza Rose. He has a good photo shoot on how to do zazen here.


Here is where my wonkness kicks in.

Here is the photo from Brad's post:

"Huh. Isn't that Rinzai?" I thought. I remember Jundo's video and other web pages vis a vis Sot and I have been doing it....this way:


I guess I'm trying to figure out...............does it matter? Are there Soto and Rinzai positions on Kinhin?