I thought I would comment further on some of the practices that a Sangha performs together.

I saw this quote in the bookclub:

Uchiyama on page 168,

There is no one who can claim to always embody bodhi-mind, the mind that aspires to practice and attain enlightenment. Each of us gathers and contributes his or her own little bodhi-mind to the general effort.
You can't walk the path alone. It is impossible. What is possible, is how you walk the path.

There is a undecernable oneness to things. That includes everything that arises at this moment. Some may have a deep realization of this, and some might be getting there, and some might be in the dark.

Eating, sleeping, working, sitting, and bowing together, is a great practice, experience, or even a reminder, that we are in this together. You will never be left out. You cannot be left out.

Some might see doing things like bowing and Oryoki, from a perspective of "I am doing Oryoki in a room with other people." This is not it. Everything is doing Oryoki at that moment. This includes: the room, the people, the bowl, the sunlight, the birds and so on.

When we bow, what are we really bowing to?