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    just a post

    I have seen Videos of youth in Tibet protesting for Tibet's independence. I have heard the Dalai Lama speak of these youth, wanting realistic autonomy not total independence. He has said "We have to do what can do. we have to be realistic." He also stated that Tibet would also like to have development, higher living standard and modern conveniences like other places.

    I have not visited Tibet. I have seen pictures, videos and read stories. However, I find the media to an extent to be a very swaying and one sided medium of communication without truly getting the whole story. There are instances where people are treated terribly for one reason or another. I see people shouting, pushing, resisting, arresting, hitting, screaming, cursing, killing... Hmmm...

    Who's word should I take? This guys? That guys?

    History is full of wrongs and injustices. People doing terrible things. Tibet is not exempt from the list.

    These people want this. Those people want that.

    Where shall my "opinion" be planted?

    Indeed China has a history of human rights violations,

    I see people wearing handcuffed olympic logo shirts, and banners.

    There is a question whether certain trouble causing individuals are actually Tibetans or undercover Chinese.

    China so it seems has a history of human rights violations. I've read stories of people being imprisoned and tortured for filing a complaint about the demolition of their business. Half of the human rights violations are done towards the Falun Gong (not an evil cult btw, but somewhat political.)

    * On April 2, 2008, in an interview with Radio France International's Chinese language program, Dawa Tsering, an Additional Secretary in the Department of Information and International Relations of the Tibetan government-in-exile, answered a question about why the Dalai Lama has not condemned the violent actions of rioters during the unrest. Speaking in Chinese, Dawa Tsering stated that:

    “ First of all, I must make it clear that the Tibetan (rioters) has been non-violent throughout (the incident). From Tibetans' perspective, violence means harming life. From the video recordings you can see that the Tibetans rioters were beating Han Chinese, but only beating took place. After the beating the Han Chinese were free to flee. Therefore [there were] only beating, no life was harmed. Those who were killed were all results of accidents. From recordings shown by the Chinese Communist government, we can clearly see that when Tibetan [rioters] were beating on their doors, the Han Chinese all went into hiding upstairs. When the Tibetan [rioters] set fire to the buildings, the Han Chinese remained in hiding instead of escaping, the result is that these Han Chinese were all accidentally burnt to death. Those who set and spread the fire, on the other hand, had no idea whatsoever that there were Han Chinese hiding upstairs. Therefore not only were Han Chinese burnt to death, some Tibetans were burnt to death too. Therefore all these incidents were accidents, not murder.
    I see people talking on one side and I see people talking on the other side. I see false bravery. I see people dead and injured I am in the middle. I am watching the ball get tossed back and forth. Bodies and minds rubbing up against each other. For what? Everybody wants something, but sometimes you just can't have it.

    What do want? You want my house? Take it. You want my money? Food? Take it. My religious books, and robes take them. Fine. In our practice we learn there is nothing you can have and nothing to take. No need to take, but a desire to share.

    Harm is a terrible thing. Understanding why someone harms, is a saddening thing. Very sad.

    Very Grey with really no answers about your actions in this world. Even with understanding.

    Kodo Sawaki

    Satori is like a thief breaking into an empty house. He breaks in but there’s nothing to steal. No reason to flee. No one who chases him. So there’s nothing which could satisfy him either. ... -you.shtml

    Gassho thank you for reading


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    Re: just a post

    I can relate to your post.

    I personally have decided (years ago) to work for Tibet, try to help save its culture and traditions. After I made this decision, I have stopped asking all those questions and started doing my best for Tibet. I let the people of Tibet decide how they act there. They are human beings. Maybe they make mistakes.

    I come from Finland. We have endured a civil war and two world wars during the last 100 years. We have lived next to the Soviet Union.

    And, being part Gipsy, I also know how it feels to be second best and despised because of your ethnic background. In good times it's easy to live up to one's ideals... But when times are rough you just might... burn a house... Maybe.

    v ... ey+of+Fear

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