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    I can so very easliy take so much for granted and become jaded and ungrateful, so here's some stuff I'm grateful for:

    1. Health, getting better every day.

    2. Other half.

    3. Our kids.

    4. Our dog.

    5. Cooler weather today.

    6. Food on my table.

    7. Our computer. (although it's slow and a bit of a dinosaur).

    8. Treeleaf.

    9. A few lovely friends.

    10. Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

    (The numerical order is of no particular importance, just what popped into my head at that moment).

    Share some stuff you're grateful for if you like.

    Many blessings,

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    Re: Gratitude

    This moment


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    Re: Gratitude

    everything :P


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    Re: Gratitude

    Hello all,

    Great idea for a thread Lora...
    I am thankful for:
    1. the silence of 6:30 am and an hour to myself before my children wake.
    2. my beautiful children - who teach me more about life on a daily basis than I will ever teach them.
    3. my husband - who grounds me, supports me, challenges me, and makes me laugh.
    4. finally finding my path, my place in this world.
    5. being able to meditate, stand, walk, run, play with my kids even though my back (spine) is severely curved.
    6. finding this supportive and experienced group of people to help one another in their practice.
    7. the tremendous love of my family (or is that an illusion?)
    8. humor - being able to laugh at myself and at so many other wonderful things
    9. hot Chai tea, a big fuzzy blanket, my favorite books, and my journal
    10. Emptiness! I guess that means all 9 items before don't exist...

    Your grasshopper,
    Kelly Rok

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