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Thread: The look

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    The look

    "Oh. Yeah. Hmmm... no not really. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting."

    You know the look. The "I want to get the hell out of here look." The "I really just want to be left alone look."

    Listening but also thinking about something else look.

    The eyes not quite looking at you look. Perhaps past your shoulder or at whatever is across the street look.

    "Gotta go. Gotta thing to do" the whole time having a conversation look.

    What comes to mind is what the Roshi Said at Sojiji. "We don't really look each other in the eye anymore." After having everyone turn to the person next to them and look at them.


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    Re: The look

    Yeah, interesting. :roll:

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    Re: The look

    Don't give me that look.

    Anyway, there's something happening over at another thread I have to check out. See you later.


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    Re: The look


    THE LOOK!!!

    i havent been here in a while ( i was here but didnt even have much time fro reading let alone answer )

    but i agree with you will, sometimes it really is sad to see a look in peoples eyes that says i just dont care, i am too absorved with my own suffering and my own things to notice or pay attention to someone else.

    it saddens me.

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    Re: The look

    In some cultures it is considered impolite to look people directly in the eyes. The misfortunate adventure of an American tourist played by Steve Buscemi's in Paris Je T'aime - the two-hour film consisting of eighteen short films set in different arrondissements in Paris - comes to mind, when the tourist breaks the unwritten rule of avoiding eye contact with people on the Paris Metro.

    "Try a little tenderness" is my approach. At first the person can get uncomfortable noticing that I look him/her in the eye but in 99% they relax very soon noticing I look at them in a greeting way, wishing them well (which I do, only in my head, not to throw them off completely :lol: ). Most of the time I get a smile back.



    PS I have given up all attempts to establish an eye contact with women in a shoe store, especially when it is a sale time. They really freak me out. :roll:

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    Re: The look

    I've mastered that look especially at work . . . It's always good to have papers to shuffle around too. :twisted:

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