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Thread: All the berries in the garden

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    All the berries in the garden

    Wild animals are wary. They are instinctive. They are on guard for the next threat to their survival. Never knowing what creature lurks behind what tree waiting to pounce on it's next meal.

    Interesting. Notice how an animal reacts when one is scared of it or tense. Notice how it reacts if we just let it be with a calm and open state. Just walking. The bird is doing it's thing and here I am walking. No tension. No reaction. Enjoying the moment. The animal might even come and check you out, if you stay still for awhile. The problem is when we start to react or say "Oh. Your so cute." "Look at you with your little legs, and feathers. Awwww." Of course it doesn't mean you can't appreciate the color of it's feathers, or the gracefulness of it's flight. Just don't capture it and try to keep it forever. Or don't kill it because of your stupidity, fear, or misunderstanding. Let it go. Let it fly. Let it have babies.

    The bird is probably thinking "What the heck is this person doing ?" Or something along those lines.

    If it eats all the berries in your garden, well, then maybe you should move your garden. Who put the garden there in the first place? And I guess it's not really yours then is it. (If the garden does get moved, don't forget to share those berries.)
    But if left alone, there is a love there, a compassion, acceptance or a companionship.

    Sometimes our wisdom and common sense is also needed to prevent something from harming itself if it doesn't know any better. I think that's what we humans or Buddhas do. We try to help where and when we can.

    And so it goes for bugs, or plants, or even people.

    Gassho and good morning

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    Re: All the berries in the garden

    Hi, Will

    Very touching, thank you and many blessings.

    I have a robin friend who visits me, we just look at each other and then he/she leaves to do robin type things and I leave to do human type things.


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    Re: All the berries in the garden

    Great post Will.

    Here in the States and many other so-called "modern" countries, the reaction would be to scare off or kill the animals rather than do anything to accomodate another living thing. It's like the school yard game "King of the Hill"...I'm here and so shouldn't be. Only now it's adults with property lines, ordinances, and eminent domain.

    All I can do as a buddhist and a living thing in that instance is to leave some berries for them and make sure another spot leaves some for me.


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    Re: All the berries in the garden

    Thank you Will!

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