One of the classes I teach is sort of an "intro to college" undergrad course at a local college. One assignment I give is that each student needs to conduct a PowerPoint presentation on any topic he/she wishes, as long as it's appropriate for the classroom. These presentations are usually pretty interesting on topics ranging from SIDS to the history of Nintendo to Peruvian cuisine to the physiology of laughter to Jimmy Hoffa. This evening a young man presented on his own life and how, after much struggle, he became a Christian. I approved his topic prior to his presentation, with the stipulation that he was not to proselytize (however, knowing the make up of the class, I knew most of my students probably had similar experiences and would agree with his point of view). No problem, since I was more focused on assessing his presentation skills rather than his topic. He did a fine job. In fact his presentation was, at times, very moving. During his presentation he showed the video below.

Now I realize this is a standard-issue born again Christian tract (albeit in video format). It presents a very particular and simple theology, as well as caricatures of other religions. It wasn't the time or place to argue theology, but I'd be interested in knowing how some of you, from a Zen Buddhist perspective, would respond to this video, particularly regarding the man-in-the-holeís dilemma. I have my own thoughts, but I'm interested in yours. ... 6e802fc820